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Dana Boyd, LMT

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner

Integrative bodywork with a compassionate, healing touch. In practice since 2004. Serving Tucson, AZ.




Improved Recovery Time

As an ultra-runner, swimmer, and triathlete, being in top physical condition is critical to my training. Over the last decade, I have depended on Dana’s massage therapy to keep my body in the best shape possible. I believe her massage therapy has helped me to prepare for all my events and to perform with maximum efficiency. Dana introduced me to Bowenwork about five years ago, and I truly believe that Bowenwork has been critical in reducing the risk of injury and in improving my recovery time. I am very grateful to Dana for her healing touch and for helping me maintain the highest level of performance.


An Amazing Person & Therapist

Dana is an amazing person and therapist, I highly recommend her. Her passion is giving of herself to heal others. I have been seeing Dana for over ten years. She is kind, thoughtful and consistent. I have received both Bowenwork and massage. After a treatment, I walk away feeling like I have a new body. Her deep tissue massage is one of the best I have received. However, she can adjust the pressure to your specific needs as I have found from sending family, friends and clients to her. Everyone has walked away with an incredible experience, feeling so much better than when they arrived. She is a gift to us all.


Miracles in Relieving Pain

Five years ago, at the age of 71, I suffered botched hand surgery for Dupuytren's Condition that left me with nerve damage and severe chronic pain. I also began to experience severe muscle pain in my neck and shoulder from neck vertebral cartilage deterioration, and pain in my hands and feet from fibrosis of the fascia. For years I had searched without satisfaction for a massage therapist, until I found Dana Boyd. Her treatments have worked miracles in relieving pain, enabling me to continue walking and performing normal daily activities. She is able to coax cramped muscles to release their trauma and stress. Her intuitive and empathetic skills and energies are the best I have found and I highly recommend her as the best of Tucson’s finest therapists.


Sports Therapy

I've been playing competitive sports for more than 45 years. I have found Dana's bodywork and Bowenwork to be one of my greatest investments in my health and well being. For more than ten years Dana has kept me active as I continue to push myself to the limit.


Relaxing & Therapeutic Treatment

Being a professional cyclist, receiving recovery massage treatments is just as important to my preparation as the actual training sessions. Getting a massage from Dana is one of the weekly treats I always look forward to and that helps me be at my best for the week’s training sessions! I love it because it is a perfect mix of relaxing and therapeutic treatment. I tried many different massage therapists while travelling around the world, and I am so thankful that Dana lives in my hometown and I get to see her often, because she is definitely one of the best I have had the chance to work with!